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Meet Cael O’donnell – Tiktoks #1 Psychic Medium

Meet Cael O’Donnell, one half of Souls & Sales, and one heck of a Medium.

Cael is a young and vibrant, professional medium who built an incredible following on Tiktok.

His Tiktok videos and following of over 200k have helped him get his mediumship gifts out to the world.

Today we ask Cael about his journey and what he has learnt along the way.


Hi Cael – I’ve seen on your social media, that you left Christianity to follow your ancestor’s spirituality, did this spark your interest in becoming a medium? How did it evolve for you?

Oh yes, I was a Jesus fanatic! I even at one point had a T-Shirt that was High Vis, and it read “Jesus Saves from Sin and Death!!

Oh god, the looks I’d get in public!! Looking back, I can see I had my mediumship gifts even in my old Christian days. In the church, I was hailed as a “Prophet” as I delivered messages from another realm.

But I knew it wasn’t messages from ‘god’ as they suggested because the sound and feel of the messages would change from feminine to masculine energies! So I thought “Either god is transitioning from male to female bi-weekly, or it ain’t god!”.

I realised it was the latter and found myself developing my intuitive gifts on my own.


What do you love most about your work? Why does it light you up?

I came from a Psychology background and knew helping others was in my veins. As a Medium, I touch lives in unique ways that no medical model could ever do. I am able to touch the soul.

This work lights me up because I know even if it’s minor – one more puzzle piece in the grieving process has somehow been attended to—mediumship fits ‘hand in glove’ for me and my lifestyle.


Can you tell me about your most memorable connection thus far?

I remember a reading I did for a Mother-Daughter duo, a couple of Aussie battlers living regionally in Australia. The two broad-shouldered women stared down the barrel of the zoom camera, with intense faces waiting for me to speak. I felt intimidated that if I didn’t hit the nail on the head, they’d call me a fraud! I instantly identified a young guy playing on video games, who had been struck and passed suddenly within the last year. The two women were stunned and “freaked out”. One of the women’s sons was struck by a road train as he was running over the road collecting a video game controller from a member of the family across the road.

I turned cold. I got a dry mouth. It was so real and so tangible, the shock in the air was overwhelming. He had only passed 3 months prior.

I remember my intonations and words melded into his and I started to deliver his message just how he would talk. I remember the women felt so at ease, knowing he was safe and okay. That reading will stick by me because it showed me just how fragile life can be and how important a message from the other side is to the throes of grief.


What is your biggest frustration within the industry?

Dishonesty. I am a transparent person, and I feel integrity has been smeared by well-intentioned or people who are ill-equipped to work in this line of helping. Perhaps they’re gifted, but a gift alone will not train you on how to have good people skills.

As a qualified therapist, it is natural for me to “hold space”, but I’ve heard many horror stories from my clients. Telling clients, “they could never be read!” and then I finish up a session with the same client who was ‘easy’ to read!

I’ve had some practitioners charge to remove curses or ask the client “who do you want to contact?”.

On my social platforms, I like to demystify and also help clients find trust again with this industry by exposing lies and fraudulent campaigns. No gifted medium needs to ask “who do you want to contact”. If that is asked, run for the hills!


Who is Cael away from being the TikTok Medium? How do you spend your time? How do you spend your downtime? What refreshes you?

Oh, I love to sit on the back patio watching my cats dart around the backyard sipping my Lime, Vodka and Soda. Also, I’m a savoury tooth, so I pull out the old corn chips, tapenade and hummus and nibble away. I’m a 25-year-old guy! Of-course I also love to party, get drunk, crawl wine bars, bushwalk, go hiking and watch tons of YouTube!


How do you want to be remembered when you leave this earth?

I just want to be remembered that “I lived” just like the One Republic song. That I took every second that this world could give. I want to leave a mark on the parts of the world I get to see. Who knows, it could be a big chunk of this world or just a small chunk, but I want to be love’s arbiter. I want to serve ‘Spirit’ and the Universe to bring hope, love, healing to the world.

As you can see, Cael is incredibly passionate about what he does, and he has a strong ambition to bring more love and healing into our world, and that is precisely what he is doing within his work.

You can get in contact with Cael @

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