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Competitors or Colleagues? My Message to Lightworkers

Why you should change the way you view your competition!

by Janelle Bridge


Something I have never understood, its the notion that we need to dislike or be afraid of our “competitors” and I have felt compelled to write about this for a while now, so here I go!

I have a strong motivation to succeed and a desire to be great at whatever I do (obviously) but I also know so wholeheartedly, that there is enough work, income, clients and overall abundance to sustain us all. 

We don’t need to be selfish or catty. We don’t need to fear our competitors or look at them with distrust – we should always look to do the opposite. 


For instance

My long term professional background is working as a Marriage Celebrant. This is a role that is very independent, self-reliant and sometimes lonely. There have been many times when I have happily stepped in for another celebrant.
I’ve done last minute weddings, where the original celebrant has been held up in traffic, experienced a death in the family, become ill, or for whatever reason, they couldn’t fulfil their role. 

Just recently, I returned from my retirement as a celebrant to officiate a small marriage ceremony in my home for a family friend. 

Last-minute, I realised that I had run out of presentation certificates, I quickly reached out to another local celebrant colleague to help save the day, and I thankfully could get my hands on a certificate from her. 

In these industries, I used to laugh at the self-centred attitudes of many business owners. It’s so short-sighted and fear-based. I am so grateful for the friends I made along the way, and the friendships I have built with other entrepreneurs throughout my years of crafting numerous successful businesses.


Professional relationships can be extremely rewarding

I will carry these relationships throughout my life, and I’m comforted knowing that I have a great support network of people willing to help each other out in every new endeavour that we set our sites on. 

I’m now working fulltime as an online psychic medium and I love being able to make a living from helping people.

I am so grateful to have already built some incredible connections with “direct competitors.”

Again this role, can be daunting and essentially you are working alone. It also comes with incredible self-growth opportunities, and as we know, growth is never comfortable!

It’s been so brilliant for me to be able to bounce ideas off my friends who I have made within the industry – to share our wins and losses, learn from each other, and just become better at our craft.


Should we share advice with others?

I happily share my tips with others, and I can’t even keep count of the number of people I have referred on to my mentor Lindie Gunston, to help them enhance their skills and further develop their abilities. 

Whilst creating Psychics Nation, we had one goal in mind – to create a spiritual resource website, a place for lightworkers to showcase their skills, write articles and have their stories told, whilst educating and inspiring others.

I reached out via email to some other psychics, asking if they would like to write an article linking back to there website or social media pages, to give them a platform to be seen and to share their story. I excitedly recorded a video about what we were creating and sent it off via email to a bunch of fellow lightworkers.


I went to sleep and awoke the next day to two emails from the one person that blew me away!


Email Response #1

Why would I want to write for you when I can write for myself and all the credit goes to me? I’m just giving you free content if I write for you.

What’s in it for me? Nothing that I can see.


Email Response #2 (3 minutes later)

You’ve got a hide asking me to send you an article. For THAT very reason alone, I am not interested. I checked out your website, and you’re a direct competitor to me.

You must have rocks in your head to think that I would put my own writings on your site.

Don’t ask me again!



This made me giggle at first because obviously, I’m not asking people to contribute to my own personal site, Psychics Nation is a collaborative hub of light-working resources & a place to promote what you do, find a new audience and collaborate with others.

For years with all of my past businesses, I would regularly reach out and offer to write for other organisations, so to have an opportunity fall in your lap, I personally understand that it’s a blessing. 

Furthermore, I’ll take any opportunity to connect with successful, like-minded individuals who are working to bring love and light to the world. 


It really got me thinking

And I thought about it, the more it troubles me that people like this, who are highly reactive and quick to lash out angrily and harshly, are working in this field.

To me, this is deeply concerning. 

This is not a name and shame, but it’s a realistic view as to how some people view their “competition.” 

There are so many people in our world who need healing, direction, empowerment and love. There are more than enough passed over souls to go round. We don’t need to have our claws out against other lightworkers – in fact; it goes completely against the morals of the work we do. 

I have multiple, deep, incredible relationships with my fellow lightworkers, competition or not, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Two, in particular, are actually “direct competitors” of mine, Cael O’Donnell and Rhiannon Rose. We are all in the same age bracket, and connect with our clients in very similar ways, but we connect daily and share our wins and losses and most importantly, we encourage and motivate each other. 

I challenge you to be kind to one another, competition or not, you might be surprised at the incredible relationships you can build when you let go of your ego and exude love, kindness and a giving attitude out to the universe.
Which is exactly what we preach to our clients.



Much love,

Janelle Bridge – Psychic Medium


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Janelle Bridge

Janelle Bridge

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Janelle Bridge is a professional full-time Psychic Medium with a focus on empowerment, love and healing @

She is incredibly passionate about her work, and thrives on the heartfelt and evidence-based connections that working in this field brings.

Through writing for Psychics Nation, Janelle aims to change the perception of the light working industry as a whole.

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