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Interview w/ Lindie Gunston | Medium Coach

Anytime anyone asks me “how did I uncover my ability?” The answer is always the same “I enrolled in Lindie Gunston’s course and everything started from there.”

She has been an integral part of my development and I recommend her to others constantly.

Lindie has been doing psychic readings and mediumship connections professionally for over 10 years and boy does she have some stories to tell.  So who better to be my first interviewee for Psychics Nation!

Today we ask Lindie all the questions you want to know about being a psychic medium, how she found her way onto this spiritual path and how she became a teacher- and a fabulous one at that!


First of all Lindie, can you tell me what led you down this magical path? Was it a certain event, a gradual awakening? How did it evolve for you?

I’ve had many spiritual experiences all my life, but I mostly ignored them due to my religious upbringing.

In my early 30’s, I had a reading with a medium where my brother came through who had passed 10 years earlier. It was absolutely MIND-BLOWING! The information she was able to connect with was astounding.
I got really curious about it and decided to explore opening up to my abilities to see where they lead me.

The experience of having this reading connected all the dots with the spiritual experiences throughout my life, and it was from that point that I decided I wasn’t going to let my fearful upbringing influence me any longer! What a relief!


I am so glad that you have Lindie! Your teaching has been the most integral to my own development. I am always blown away by the things we can bring through, and how intelligent the spirit world is. 

Tell us, what is the most memorable reading that you have done?

I’ve had quite a few in my career so far, however, the one that sticks out the most is when a mum came through for her beautiful daughter. The mum in spirit was able to communicate very clearly with information about her passing, her personality, intimate details about her family.

The most astounding thing was, is that this mum in spirit proceeded to tell my client were her last will and testament was! I described a white cupboard, with a mustard coloured suitcase in it with a yellow A4 envelope in it.

My client told me the next day that she found it, we were both blown away!
That person’s review can be found on my Facebook page, and it still blows my mind!!!


That is absolutely incredible!
These are the things you simply cannot make up!

So you’ve mentioned that after ten years of readings, you would like to focus more on teaching? What is the difference for you? Why do you love teaching so much?

I get a real buzz out of teaching that I just don’t get with readings.

While I love reading for people, I find the teaching aspect very exciting. I’ve also mopped up a lot of damage over the years for clients who have had dodgy readings with dodgy psychics, so I feel pretty passionate about helping budding psychics and mediums to have a solid footing in ethical training.

I am lucky to have trained with some amazing teachers from around the world, this blended in with my natural abilities gives me the confidence to do what I do with passion and purpose.


You certainly have such a natural ability for helping others unlock and develop their skills. Was there a particular moment, where you thought “I want to teach others how to unlock these skills?”

I can’t actually remember a defining moment, it just naturally evolved. I do remember that I didn’t consider teaching at first, it just so happened that I was a natural at helping others understand their own abilities, and it grew out of that.

I also had an amazing reading with one of my teachers, Tony Stockwell, who highlighted that teaching was very strongly in my path and that I would be following it with gusto. He was right!!!


That is one of the reasons I love what we do! That reading would have given you so much confidence within your teaching moving forward as well, a little magical boost that you are on the right path. 

Do you have any daily rituals that you follow?

My daily ritual is trying not to be an arsehole… Jokes aside I’m not big on rituals, only when I’m in the mood! I do try and meditate most days, and I also walk a lot which for me is another form of meditation.


I love that. It’s important not to be a prick! I love that walking is incorporated as a meditation for you. I run every morning and that is my form of meditation as well. I find that clears my mind more than anything else. I get a bit squirmy sitting in meditation for too long.

Who are your mentors? Who do you look up to?

Tony Stockwell, a psychic medium and teacher from the Uk, has been one of my mentors, I did a year-long mediumship mentorship with him, as well as another year-long teaching mentorship.

These days I’m pretty much on my own, however, I am constantly inspired by everyday people that I connect with, and my amazing students who constantly push the boundaries to be better psychics and mediums.


How do you hope to be remembered when you leave this earth?

That I lived life on my terms!



Anyone looking for a no BS mentor, to nurture them in a safe and comfortable way, should absolutely get in touch with Lindie.

I highly, highly recommend this incredible woman.

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