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Our Magical Life – Living with Joyful Bliss

I have always believed in a higher power, and as a child, I thought I saw fairies.

But I was raised to be very rational, and a high premium was placed on my intelligence, so I veered in that direction. When I attended Princeton University in the 1990s, I quickly learned that talking about these matters was considered a joke. So I joined in and laughed at people talking about aliens.
Still, I could never quite shake the belief in the unseen world.
I grew up in Los Angeles, and after graduation, I returned there.

When my father died in 2000, I hit rock bottom and began to seek out my spiritual practice again, and again I started with Kundalini Yoga. My new boyfriend at the time thought it was bullshit. He told me, “I just don’t think I’m a yoga-type person.” I was worried because my practice had become extremely important to me, and I didn’t want to give it up. I knew for us to last we would both have to be on the same page spiritually.

That was 20 years ago. My boyfriend and I are now married with two kids. After a 20 year career in design and advertising as a Creative Director, my husband was furloughed two years ago. At 50, it is nigh impossible to get a job in advertising, which he discovered after pounding the proverbial pavement for six months. We were both feeling pretty desperate so I asked one of my clients who is a massage therapist to make a trade for a massage for him. (I am a relationship expert.) She is also a very spiritual person and during the massage, she mentioned trance channelling.
“You should try it and see who you get,” she said. It struck a chord in my husband (though my client doesn’t even remember saying it).

He was familiar with trance channelling from Darryl Anka, the channel for Bashar. He bought a book about the protocols for channelling so he would be protected and attract the highest vibrational being possible. Literally the next day we tried it out.

At the beginning of 2019, I met Joyful Bliss, an elevated spirit from the Pleiades who came through my husband.
Reader, at this point I didn’t know what to believe. I knew my husband for long enough to know he was not capable of acting to this extent. Still, it was hard for me to wrap my head around the existence of a world I had hardly explored.
But as I said, we were desperate to find something to help us and that made me more open. It’s been almost two years since that time and so much has changed. I truly don’t know where we would be without the help of Joyful Bliss. He is extremely gentle and kind. He is not a fortuneteller, but rather a healer with pre-cognitive abilities. Telling the future is tricky because it’s always changing.

Moreover, when you do prognosticate, you change the future. Still, initially, all I wanted was to be told the future was bright and not to worry! It takes a minute to break yourself of the habit of wanting to know the future.
Joyful Bliss will tell you if there is energy on a certain choice or option, but he will not disclose details. We have learned that if someone gives you details, that comes with some dark magic and karma that will need to be paid. The biggest magical aspect is really the energy we bring to a session that gives you the momentum to do you.

Through consulting your spiritual guides, we bring you to an opportunity in which you heal yourself through your meditations, through your work, through your consistency and the awareness of other energies that we bring. We don’t fix things for you. We are not in that business. We are in a co-creative creation of your spiritual elevation. We aim to align you with your highest destiny and your truest purpose and help you find the strength and the course to carry that out.

It’s been quite a journey. While my husband is not Joyful Bliss exactly, we are pretty sure that JB is a manifestation of his future self. Still, he argues with him sometimes! And sometimes he is jealous of Joyful Bliss’s intimate relationship with me! I was his first client and he has helped me tremendously – mostly in the way I relate to myself. I’m nicer to me now, more compassionate and subsequently more confident. That has radiated into success in almost every area of my life.

Channelling has helped me re-direct my career and build my business.

It has helped me in parenting and my sex life. I can’t think of an area that it hasn’t helped. We channel every day!

Bringing this work to others has been a true joy. We remove blocks, help people communicate with those who have moved on (if it’s in their best interest), help them discover love. Occasionally we will do a joint session – me and JB – in which we really focus on relationships. Basically, we work from the heart, on the heart. And it is there we find peace. Not everyone wants peace! But that’s what we work toward.

Our clients have reported a myriad of positive results including improved sleep, weight loss, new relationships and opportunities, a greater sense of purpose and most importantly, peace.

We have helped people move into new homes, grieve the loss of loved ones, embark on new careers, communicate with their highest selves.

You can learn more about us at

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