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Know your Worth as a Lightworker (Learn From my Mistakes!)

One of my biggest struggles starting my own business as a lightworker was knowing my worth, understanding the value of my time and knowing the limitations of my energetic output. 

I am the type of person who always wants to give to others, and I would do everyone’s readings for free if I could – I just love to give and I love what I do. But I also know that I wanted to do this full time, and I have a family to support, so charging for my readings means I can dedicate more of my time to doing this, and therefore help so many more people, than if I did this as a side gig for free!

Surprisingly enough, understanding and my worth, has been more of a struggle for me than actually getting clients. Not believing in my worth has put me in situations that have affected my business – in ways that could have been easily avoided. 


The good news is, you don’t have to make these mistakes, learn from mine instead!

I remember exactly how I turned my psychic abilities into a business; I had been developing and learning for around two years, and when COVID struck our other family business, I was feeling really low. On a whim, or in a divinely inspired moment – I posted in a local Facebook group, that I was offering free readings to develop my psychic abilities further and I was inundated with requests!

I chose three women. I meditated and connected and sent off their readings, whilst I held my breath for their feedback! The feedback was incredible, and it showed me this is something I could and SHOULD be doing. 


So I went all in!

I paid $400 to create an online shop – so people could purchase my readings online.

Then I posted an Instagram story advertising $20 readings. In the hours that followed, I saw a few purchases come through, and I was elated. It felt great to hear a little ding, and see a payment process – knowing people trusted in my abilities was a beautiful and uplifting feeling.


I went off to sleep and almost dropped my morning coffee when I saw that 23 readings were ordered overnight – whilst I was sleeping!!


I set to work, getting those readings done. Whilst it is so fulfilling and overwhelmingly heart-warming – connecting with spirit is energetically very draining on the body and the mind.


Things started to become physically hard

I began getting headaches, I was crying at the drop of a hat, and crawling into bed at night time. I was pushing myself super hard to get the email readings done – after all, people had paid for them! I owed them their reading, as soon as possible! It was also in the middle of a pandemic when my husband and I had to shut down both of our businesses and only income – so I will cut myself some slack!

It didn’t take long for me to realise I needed to implement a strategy when it came to managing my workload and turnaround times. 

This should have been where things got more manageable for me, and they did for the most part!


I remember my first refund

I had an email reading come in; I went through my process of meditating, setting my intention and connecting with spirit. 

I penned a 700-word email, full of random, weird and wonderful details like beehives and brown cardigans. It was a beautiful connection, but the feedback knocked me flat. Nothing fit. I was floored and refunded the reading promptly.

I soon found out that the email had been purchased online by someone as a gift for their friend – they had typed their friend’s details as the purchaser…

I set my intention to connect with a name was in the “purchaser” section, but of course the spirit world is too clever for that. They connected me directly with the person who purchased the reading. I forwarded the reading to her, and everything fit! 

I then offered to read for the other person for free, because I was incredibly embarrassed about the mix up! Looking back, this was because I was still so unsure of my abilities, and I didn’t know my worth or valued my time, as I should.
I actually served spirit incredibly well in this moment.

At this point, I was inundated with readings once again. I was also feeling a bit tender from the mix-up, so I took a few days to adjust and reset my mindset. Then started to tackle the list of purchased readings ahead of me. 

Long story short, I completely forgot about the reading I had offered for free, as it wasn’t on my list of purchased readings that I was working through. 


Fast-forward 6 months

This reared its head on social media recently, someone recommended me on an “I’m looking for a Psychic” post – someone else had replied that they were supposed to get a reading from me, but were still waiting. It made me look completely unprofessional, and uncaring, which was the opposite of my intentions when offering to read for free.

But you can see how these sorts of offerings can get us into trouble. 

Another process I implemented in the early days, was clients had to pay a $20 booking fee for a Zoom, with the remaining $50 after the session. This meant I would harshly self-evaluate after every session, whether or not I was worth the remaining fee. When I looked deeply into why I had this payment schedule, it was due to lack of belief in my worth. 


Here are four things I’d encourage you to implement right away, to avoid the self-worth struggle that often comes with working your light

  • Have clients pay upfront – this will help to avoid no shows and eliminate the time you waste debating your worth or chasing payments. 
  • Educate clients on what they can do and what you expect from them when it comes to their energy input into the reading. You are putting in a lot of preparation, time and energy. It’s only fair they do the same. 
  • Don’t overgive. Close off after the session, don’t offer to send emails or follow-ups. Close off. Get it done within your session. Save your energy. 
  • Give something that helps builds your business, rather than detracts from it energetically. For example, create a free meditation or download. Do something that you can create once and give away many times. 

The quicker you learn how incredibly valuable your gifts are and your energy/time is, the more your business with flourish.


Written by Janelle Bridge

Psychic Medium @ Psychics Nation

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Janelle Bridge

Janelle Bridge

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Janelle Bridge is a professional full-time Psychic Medium with a focus on empowerment, love and healing @

She is incredibly passionate about her work, and thrives on the heartfelt and evidence-based connections that working in this field brings.

Through writing for Psychics Nation, Janelle aims to change the perception of the light working industry as a whole.

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