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The Inside Hustle with Joanna Walden


Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than the daily grind? Have you ever felt stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out? Do you feel the rumble of a slowly growing dissatisfaction with your life but can’t quite put your finger on why?

Well if you answered yes to any, or all of these you are not alone.

Those questions were what I was marinating on fifteen years ago as I was climbing the corporate ladder in my high flying advertising career on Madison Avenue in New York City. I was jet setting around the world, creating award winning campaigns for some of the worlds most famous brands, shooting with celebrities, the hottest directors and burning the candle at both ends in an exciting, glamorous and challenging career.

It would have been easy for me to keep going, get more promotions, make more money, further develop my skills and expertise. Yet despite feeling accomplished – I just couldn’t shake the feeling, that there must be more to life than this. What was missing? Why was I here? Who was I really?

Deep down I knew that what I was looking for wasn’t going to be found in my corporate career, so after feeling completely burnt out from the New York treadmill, I quit and went to Spain to hike the Camino de Santiago. A pilgrimage of over 900kms across the north of Spain in my search for more meaning and purpose. This ancient pilgrim path was said to follow the leylines of the Milky Way and realign your energy as you walked it. This was the first of many transformational travel adventures encapsulating my personal journey of evolution that I wrote about in my memoir The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. This journey took me around the world from New York, Spain, London, Mt Kilimanjaro, Brazil, Argentina and New Zealand.

No matter where I went and what I did however, everything was pushing me back into myself. Which is why I called it The Inside Hustle. It’s about my journey back to self, to a deeper connection within and the untapped wisdom of my unique energy signature that was waiting to be brought back online and out into the world. It may have been covered in programming from my family, education, career and society not to mention my own self created limiting beliefs and mindset challenges; but it was in there. Just waiting for me to get out of my own way.

I learnt so much on my own journey, and the many red herrings that directed me even further away from myself, that I was wrote my story, not only to inspire others to explore themselves outside of what they have known themselves to be, but to help them claim their power back and avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced along the way.

This memoir isn’t just my personal journey of evolution, it’s a vibrational experience that recalibrates the reader back to their true divine nature and unique energy signature within. It contains channeled poetry of light in between the chapters and very much has its own energy that wanted to come through and interact with all those who engage with it. It’s essential a live alchemical experience as you read it. If you are feeling called, it’s calling you for a reason.

When I started to receive reader feedback about the extraordinary shifts, changes and synchronicities they were experiencing through reading The Inside Hustle, I finally found the deep fulfillment I had been searching for all along. Now in my client work as a transformational expert, my signature programs expand on what I brought forward in the book with the ‘how to’ as I guide clients back to themselves and their deep truths within.

Right now, as we experience tremendous shifts and changes on a global level that are outside of our control, it’s the perfect time to dive within and reevaluate what is working and what is not in our life. Now is the time to direct some focus into our own relationship with ourselves, and make some changes.

The only thing we can truly rely on right now is our self. The impact of the work we do within not only provides harmony and alignment that is reflected back to us as more success in all areas of our lives, but it also ricochets out into the collective energy on the planet.

I truly believe we are all being called to have radical responsibility for what we are contributing and how we are showing up on a daily basis. It’s time now, more than ever to be the change we wish to see in the world.

If you are interested in my work and The Inside Hustle you can find out more and buy a personalized signed copy at Or it is available globally on Amazon as a paperback and eBook, and many other eRetailers.

Joanna Walden
Author, Transformation Coach & Consciousness Visionary
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About the author:

Joanna Walden is a Consciousness Visionary, Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author of The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. Joanna spent twenty years working in a high flying advertising career in New York, London & Melbourne while secretly exploring her passion for the unseen world of energy, spirit and consciousness. Inspired by a series of mystical experiences in her teenage years Joanna explored everything from Transcendental Meditation to quantum physics on a global quest to find her purpose and ultimately her true self, through a process of self-realisation. Currently residing in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, Joanna quit her old corporate life to start a transformational consulting business, and begin sharing her knowledge and voice with the world.

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